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Thu, Feb. 22nd, 2007, 05:25 am
dystopiate: new here

hi, i was wondering if there are any other meat-eating vegans out there?

i don't really know a better way to describe it. i don't eat any dairy or eggs, and i prefer to refrain from products tested on animals and furs and such things. i'm not a complete abstainist for a few reasons. one, i don't believe that boycotting something is an appropriate way to deal with something you're against. no one cares what i, as one individual, buy. two, i don't really like the idea of supporting a corporate monopoly (or go ahead and contradict me- polyopoly). vegan products tend to be made by the same few companies. three, i believe that meat is natural, and i'm not against it, just a lot of the means of production surrounding the industry. four, i like the taste of certain lean, fresh meats, and i feel that i am healthier if i do consume them.

dairy, on the other hand, is completely inexcusable. humans are the only mammal that consumes milk from another animal. i don't even understnad how it possible could have occurred to someone to drink cow milk. the cows only naturally produce enough milk for baby cows. dairy is so fake. the cows are given all these artificial hormones and then hooked up to machines all day to suck their udders. sick. at least beef cows get to graze sometimes. dairy cows are also more commonly fed a solution containing cow blood, which leads to mad cow disease. dairy products all are also fatty, taste disgusting, and somehow manage to give me simultaneous diarrhea and constipation. even stuff with a milk-byproduct low on the ingredient list can make me sick. why on earth would anyone want something to taste creamy? sick. most people are lactose intolerant and don't even know it. i know, because i smelled their farts in jail. since they've never tried going without dairy for long enough, they just think that's how their digestive system is supposed to feel. but it's not. our bodies don't even produce the enzymes necessary to digest dairy after a certain age. i realized i was lactose intolerant, because i was vegan for a while. then i gave it up. when i ate meat again, i felt fine. when i ate dairy, i got incredibly sick. being able to digest dairy healthily is a genetic mutation.

eggs are also disgusting.

i don't feel that pure veganism is quite natural. vitamin b-12 is unaccounted for in a pure vegan diet, except with this one particular seaweed. humans don't live under the sea, so in a natural environment, vitamin b-12 would be lacking in a vegan diet, and that's not healthy.

also, i feel that there's no harm in consuming something that has already been paid for and would go to waste if i didn't eat it. i.e. if i Dumpster-dived something or if it's sitting around a house getting ready to rot. this is the "fregan" philosophy. seeing as that i don't pay for anything except for drugs, the meat industry doesn't profit off of me anyway.

so who agrees?! let's talk about how much righter than everyone else we are!